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Last updated on 3 May 2023


"ADSGIFT" is a campaign by PT Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Tbk , a limited liability company, a provider of the mobile telecommunications service (hereinafter referred to as “IOH”), for Customers (as defined below) who are users of the AdsGift application.

“Customer” or Customers” means Indosat IOH‘s mobile customers with an active mobile SIM card that fulfill the criteria set out in Clause 1 and agrees to participate in the AdsGift promotion.

By using ADSGIFT, Customers agree on their own behalf that they have given full and unrestricted acceptance of the provision set out in this term and condition (“T&C”).


ADSGIFT is provided as an additional benefit from IOH  valid for Customers who are the users of ADSGIFT application , only available to be accessed through Android operating system devices. The additional benefit will be granted to Customers who access the "myIM3" app and agree to participate in the item ADSGIFT. When interacting with ADSGIFT, customers will accumulate points.



This T&C is valid for all regions of the Republic of Indonesia.




3.1 The ADSGIFT promotion shall be conducted as follows:


A) The ADSGIFT is an optional program, which if the Customer is interested and agrees to participate, Customers can view and receive informative content and advertising campaigns within the media, and for this purpose, will be providing registration data, geolocation and Android Advertising ID of the device. Please also refer to our policy on the protection and management of your personal data at

B) Following the acceptance of this T&C, the Digital Companion will be released through the window and video rewards (full screens) in the item ADSGIFT.

C) The interaction with the Digital Companion through the ADSGIFT window will allow the Customers to receive lock screen promotion, in application advertisement and offering to get the ADSGIFT point  .

D) The Customer will receive additional benefits, which will be added to the Customer's data balance (“Data Quota Bonus”), after the Customer reached several points within 90 days (“Eligibility Period”). The first 90 days period shall be calculated as of the day the Customer was first registered as a participant in the ADSGIFT promotion.

E) The Data Quota Bonus will be valid from 7 to 30 days based on the quota given.

F) ADSGIFT will monitor the user engagement and if the Customer fails to fulfil the engagement as described in point (D) of this Clause 3.1., the Customer will not earn any point.

G) The Customer may track the amount of points accumulated in the month through the Menu “Transactions” in the ADSGIFT interface.

3.2 The promotion does not have automatic renewal. The Data Quota Bonus is granted when subscriber click “Redeem” in the ADSGIFT application.

3.5 IOH has the full right and power to amend the terms in regard to the policy and provisions for the exchange of points and benefit. IOH will endeavor to notify the Customer upon any change of this T&C via




4.1 The promotion under this ADSGIFT promotion will be valid from 02/05/2023 until 02/05/2024 and may be extended without notice by IOH




5.1 Upon the expiry of this T&C, any unused Data Quota Bonus shall become invalid, at no additional cost to the Customers.


5.2 Any unused Data Quota Bonus will also be automatically cancelled if the Customer selects another optional promotion or cancel its participation to the ADSGIFT promotion.



Any Data Quota Bonus provided by ADSGIFT is free of charge and there will be no additional charge for that benefit.



7.1 These T&C may be amended or replaced at IOH's discretion, and IOH will inform the Customers within 30 days as of the date of amendment or replacement.  


7.2 If IOH identifies irregularities in the use of the additional benefit or non-compliance with the terms and conditions of these T&C by the Customer, IOH reserves the right to suspend the use of mobile access and cancel the ADSGIFT promotion.


7.3 IOH reserves the right to cancel any Data Quota Bonus earned by the Customer through the ADSGIFT promotion and the benefits set out therein in the event of misuse of the benefits contained in this promotion.


7.4 The Customers shall permanently lose the benefits of the ADSGIFT in the following cases:

i. Changes of access number (IOH mobile number), exchange of IOH SIM Card or exchange of the registration area;

ii. If IOH identifies irregularities in the use of the ADSGIFT promotion or non-compliance with these T&C, other terms and conditions imposed by IOH on the Customers, and/or provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations.

iii. Indications of fraud or deception in taking advantage of the promotion, for example using multiple or automated (bot) account.



In operating the ADSGIFT promotion, IOH will collaborate with third party partners. In collaborating, IOH will take all necessary measures to ensure that the respective partners will also comply to the applicable laws and regulations as well as IOH’s internal policy on the processing of the Customers’ data.



9.1  In compliance with Law No. 24 of 2009 on National Flag, Language, Emblem and National Anthem and Presidential Regulation No. 63 of 2019 on Use of Indonesian Language (collectively, the “Indonesian Language Regulations”), these T&C is agreed upon in the Indonesian language and English language.


9.2  In case of any discrepancy in interpretation or understanding upon the content of these T&C between the Bahasa Indonesia text and the English language text, the Indonesian text shall prevail and the English language version of these T&C will be amended to conform with and to make the relevant part of the English language version consistent with the relevant part of the Indonesian version of these T&C.


9.3 For the avoidance of doubt, the existence these T&C and such amendments are not to be construed by either INDOSAT or Customers as creating different rights and scope of performance, or duplication or multiplication of the rights and scope of performance, of the parties under any version of these T&C including its amendments (if any).



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